Indo street food

Taco Kepiting € 4,50
Taco with spicy Balinese crab and crayfish, Bangkok-spread and ginger-coconut mayonnaise
Sate Lilit € 7,50
Minced chicken and shrimp on a sereh stick with homemade ginger- and Indonesian coconut cream sauce
Loempia Udang € 8,50
Spring roll with shrimps, marinated in bumbu of ginger with chilli mayonnaise
Loempia Bebek € 8,50
Spring roll with duck, rice vermicelli, ketjap sauce and star anise
Oerapan Vietnam € 7,50
Clear rice skin filled with bean sprouts, cabbage and asparagus with a coconut sauce
Pangsit Goreng € 6,50
Crispy Indonesian wonton with pork and spicy ginger sauce
Perkedel Jagung € 5,50
Homemade Indonesian corn biscuit, served with peanut sauce
Bao Ayam Goreng € 4,50
Steamed bun with crispy chicken and sticky soy sauce
Martabak € 7,50
Traditional street food from Sumatra with chicken, egg and vegetables
Lemper Trio € 7,50
Sticky-rice rolls with chicken, rendang and squid
Maluku Mix
Surprise of different snacks, for 2 people 18,50 and for 4 people 35,-

BBQ Saté - per 3 sticks

Saté Ayam € 10,-
Roasted satay of chicken thigh with peanut sauce
Saté Kambing € 12,50
Roasted satay of goat with ketjap sauce
Saté Marrangi € 12,50
Roasted satay of chuck tender with sticky soy sauce and tomato


Cumi Cumi €12,50
Various preparations of squid with cabbage, bell pepper and sambal mata
Ikan Pesmol €12,50
White fish with turmeric sauce and various preparations of tomato
Sambal Goreng Kerang €12,50
Mussels fried in a spicy coconut sauce
Ayam Semur €15,-
Chicken rouleau with "smoor" sauce, spicy mushrooms and a cream of foie gras
Iga Babi Bakar €10,-
Ron Blaauw's famous spare ribs from the BBQ with sambal sauce
Ravioli Babi € 12,50
Ravioli with sweet pork, curcuma-coconut sauce and a beurre-noisette of peanuts
Carpaccio Daging €12,50
Carpaccio of chuck tender with a peanut-dressing and sambal tempeh
Surf & Turf € 15,-
Rendang and scallops with seasonal veggies and a foam of lemongrass
Ikan Dabu €15,-
Tartare of Albacore tuna, miso-mayonnaise ginger syrup sauce, emping and soy tapioca
Daging Be Pase € 15,-
Cheek of veal with a spicy soy sauce, marrow, foam of sweet and sour paprika and a spiced "bitterbal"
Daging Blado €10,-
In sambal slow cooked veal with sweet and sour carrot and Abon Sapi
Menu Anak Anak € 7,50
Saté Ayam, lonton, seroendeng, atjar and krupuk


The meaning of a 'rijsttafel'
A table filled with the most delicious dishes from the Dutch-Indonesian and Indonesian kitchen, that’s how you recognize a true “rijsttafel”. During the time Indonesia was still a colonial part of The Netherlands, people showed off their wealth with these extensive dishes.
Nowadays “rijsttafels” are a culinary understanding and they bring back lots of beautiful memories. Both Chef Donny and Chef Agus created a
“rijsttafel” with their personal and unique memories, filled with love for this type of cuisine. Minimum of 2 persons.
'Rijsttafel' Donny - € 32,50 PER PERSON
15 different small meat, fish and veggie dishes, served with Nasi Goreng and Nasi Putih.
'Rijsttafel' Agus - € 29,50 PER PERSON
13 different small meat and veggie dishes, served with Nasi Goreng and Nasi Putih.
'Rijsttafel' Veggie - € 30,- PER PERSON
13 different small veggie dishes, served with Nasi Goreng and Nasi Putih.

DESSERTS - € 8,50

Small pie of grilled banana and palm sugar with espresso-Sambucca ice cream
Kue Dadar Ijo
Indonesian pancake filled with coconut and palm sugar, served with mango ice cream
Eclair with cream caramel and kemangi (lemon-basil) mousse, ice cream of various spices and crispy "spekkoek"
Kue Lapis Aprikot
Layered pudding cake of apricot, variatons of apricot and pandan ice cream
Es Durian Istimewa
Bombe with doerian mousse, passion fruit and pineapple sorbet
Rujak Manis
Fresh fruit salad with peanut sauce end watermelon-red pepper sorbet
Es Teler
Roses, pandan and jackfruit pie with coconut ice cream and gula jawa
'Karamelkogels' € 5,50
Caramel candy to serve, for example, with coffee or tea